💰Dividend Allocation

Dynamic Allocation

Forbidden Fruits type will go through a Dynamic Allocation process where the percentage amount of dividends they receive changes every Dividend Distribution Event.

The current designated season and ranking will determine the amount of dividend Forbidden Fruits NFT holders receive.

Dynamic Ranking

Fixed Allocation

All Golden Apples and Adam & Eve holders will receive a fixed dividend percentage amount every time.

Fixed Allocation Ranking

Dividend Distribution Event Example

A possible dividend allocation amongst different Bear Fruits NFT items is shown below (Distributed ETH amount is based on 500 ETH in generated royalties or 5000 ETH trading volume in a 14-days period):

The example rankings below produces the above dividend allocation.

** The percentage amount allocated to Forbidden Fruits NFT holders will change in the next Dividend Distribution Event depending on the ranking randomly allocated by the smart contract for both Forbidden Fruits and Seasons. To learn more click here.

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