If any Bear Fruits NFTs are found to be trading without paying royalties, they will be blacklisted forever. This mean they will never be able to claim any dividends in future cycles. Do NOT attempt to buy/sell Bear Fruits NFT at marketplaces that does not enforce royalty payments.


  • Each secondary sale of Bear Fruits NFT will incur a 10% royalties fee + marketplace fee + gas fee.

  • All royalties are accumulated in the Bear Fruits smart contract waiting to be airdropped in the next Dividend Distribution Event (DDE).

Cycle Details

  • Initially, every 14 days, a DDE will commence and accumulated royalties inside the smart contract wallet will become available to claim for Bear Fruits NFT holders.

  • The cycle length is subject to change in the future. It could be lengthened or shortened.

  • To know the amount each holder can claim refer to the Dividend Allocation page below.

  • Holders will have 2 days to claim their current DDE dividends. Afterwards, all unclaimed dividends will rollover and be distributed in the next DDE.

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